Everything about Rioja wine always at hand

The Control Board has presented the first official mobile device application aimed at giving consumers the most complete information about Rioja wineries, wine and wine tourism. Going beyond merely providing valuable information about Rioja wine, the main goal of this new communications tool is for consumers to interact and talk to one other, offering a fun experience in which the user is the central figure. This goal is part of the overall strategy of the Control Board to come closer to consumers through new communication technologies, unifying and giving official backing to all the information about the D.O. which is scattered around, particularly regarding wine tourism promotion.

The new Riojawine app is available for both Android and IOS devices in Spanish and English. It has various search functions to find information about Rioja wineries and wines, answering the most frequent questions posed by consumers. So, for example, if you wish to choose a wine for a meal, you can use a filter to select the wines with the best ratings in wine guides or even buy the wine if the winery has an online shop. For someone wishing to visit a winery, the application can sort the list of wineries by location or by day of the week, provide a description of each winery’s wine tourism offer and activities for visitors and link to the wineries’ website and pages on social media, so you can book a tour right from the app. You can also access information about a particular wine and its winery by scanning the label with your phone, or search for wines made with particular grape varieties.

These are some of the many features offered and, in view of the app’s structure, they are likely to grow in the future, as it is going to be the consumers who take the lead in the information, making it more dynamic by creating wine lists with their favourite wines which they can exchange with other users, providing recommendations, creating groups and so forth. It is also worth noting that the app includes educational content on Rioja wine that will be useful for wine lovers.

The tool is automatically fed from the wineries database on the Rioja Wine Cloud, where wineries can constantly update their information. The participation of Rioja winemakers in this platform is voluntary, so the Control Board trusts that there will soon be information available on the vast majority of wineries in the wine region.