Winemaker and winery manager Felipe Nalda elected President of the D.O. Toro Control Board.

The Supervino 2017 award received by the Peñamonte Crianza is a recognition of the excellent work carried out by Bodegas Torreduero, which was created in 1999 in the D.O. Toro by the Bodegas Riojanas Group. The Group’s centuries-old expertise and renown have placed Torreduero among the wine region’s leading winemakers. Bodegas Torreduero is managed by Rioja-born Felipe Nalda, descendant of the founding family of Bodegas Riojanas in Cenicero. He was recently elected President of the D.O. Toro Control Board.


The surprising personality of Peñamonte Crianza is the authentic expression of the character of the D.O. Toro. “Those who look for something more,” assures Felipe Nalda, champion of the quality and uniqueness of the Toro wines, “will find an opportunity in the red Peñamonte Crianza to enjoy a wine with a modern, elegant style, with the unmistakable character of the land of Toro and the Tinta de Toro grapes. This grape variety was considered a diamond requiring polish years ago and it has proved to have more than enough potential to make great aged wines.”

Peñamonte Crianza is made exclusively with Tinta de Toro grapes from vineyards with low vine density and high rusticity. This results in a wine with a good structure, a natural personality and great potential for evolving over time. It is aged for nine months in American oak barrels and subsequently matured in the bottle to acquire its final roundness and complexity. Intense, cherry-red with a garnet-red rim, its aromas offer a wealth of nuances. It is powerful and vinous, with pleasant notes of toasted wood and a solid, ripe fruit background. In the mouth, it is warm, meaty and full-bodied, with strong, well-polished, sweet tannins. The end is tasty and round, with great persistence.

A jury panel comprised of a score of journalists chose the winner of the 2017 Supervino del Año award from a selection of the best 150 wines that you can find in Spanish supermarkets, the Los Supervinos guide. The selection was made by the winemaker and writer Joan C. Martín, author of the guide, who tasted and assessed 981 wines bought in more than 15 supermarket chains. Wine lovers enjoy his easy-to-read, understandable language describing his incursions into the wine sections of large supermarkets, where he constantly discovers new wines. “The wealth of Spanish wine is its plurality and variety, which increases every year thanks to the country’s climate and terrain,” said Martín at the awards ceremony held in Madrid on 14 October. The Madrid Director of the Bodegas Riojanas Group, Carlos Martínez-Conde, collected the award saying that it “shows a new trend in which consumers choose wines according to their own criteria, thanks to a growing wine culture, and allows them to discover surprising wines of great value in supermarkets.”