The D.O.Ca. Rioja Control Board has launched an Official Rioja Wine Educators programme worldwide. Educators will receive certification after successfully passing a theoretical course through and practical training sessions including a sojourn in Rioja. The initiative aims to recruit professionals with communication skills and an ability to influence major wine consuming countries to act as Control Board approved educators, ensuring the quality and rigour of the knowledge of Rioja wines that is transmitted.

Those interested in earning certification can apply through the official programme website explaining why they wish to be Rioja Wine Educators. The Control Board will select candidates based on their CV. Candidates need to have at least two years’ professional experience in the world of wine in one of the following areas: communication, education, sommelierie, wine retail sales and wine distribution.

Those who are admitted must follow an educational programme approved by the D.O.Ca. Rioja, which includes an online course with tess available in Spanish and English, a final paper and further training alongside other students durign a stay in Rioja. The goal is to develop future educators who will have competencies based on specific knowledge about Rioja wine and the Rioja region coupled with their own communication skills, which are of key importance.

Educators will be able to organise training activities on their own or together with the Control Board or Rioja wineries and importers. Certificates are valid for 4 years. To renew them, the Educators will have to meet certain requirements, including a minimum number of courses, for which they will be able to issue diplomas to their pupils endorsed by the Control Board. Although the information provided on the website is very complete, the programme has made available an e-mail address for queries.