For centuries, wine has played an important role the mythology of the Mediterranean region. This Gran Reserva is part of the legendary tradition of great winemaking at Bodega Ontañón. Only 10,000 bottles of this unique and very special wine were produced as part of the Mythology Collection. The origins of the Gran Reserva go back to an excellent harvest, when the climate was perfect for developing and ripening the grapes.

The winemaker chose only the very best fruit- Tempranillo and Graciano – from a small, four-hectare parcel of their La Montesa vineyard. The vines are some of the oldest in the region, and although their production is limited, they provide very high-quality grapes with a great concentration of colour and maturity. After a careful selection process, the wine was slowly aged for more than five years, first in barrel and then in bottle. On the label are works of art that are exhibited at the winery and represent the mythic Dionysus, the Greek god of fertility and wine, and his Roman counterpart, Bacchus, known for pleasure and revelry.

It is ruby red with an intense colour throughout. The smell of ripe fruit with notes of tobacco and dark chocolate that deepen with age without losing brightness. This distinguished wine, quiet and harmonious, has a red brick color which comes from the long years in the depths of the winery. It offers a sensation of calm that reflects its long, slow aging but remains after the bottle is opened. Enjoy with cured ham and cheese, patés, roast meats and game.