Wine Spectator magazine in its issue of February discovers Hispanobodegas rating its Rioja Crianza Valdelacierva 2011 with 91 points, placing this wine in the first position of the ranking in its category price. Wine Spectator is one of the most valued publications by influential professionals and consumers of wine in the United States. Its system is the blind tasting (do not know the wine and the brand at the time of being tasted) and it is unanimously worldwide recognized as one of the most reliable publications and extremely demanding of the industry.

The 91 points obtained, put this wine in privileged positions in the list, placing it within 20% of the best Spanish red wines rated in the last 12 months, with the added value that it is in the first place (with another 6) in value for money of Spanish wines in its price category (PVP wines 1-20 $), and included in the list (8th position) of «Top values all red wines 20$ or less» considering all the wines worldwide.

With these ratings, wines of Hispanobodegas successfully continue its path of recognition in the demanding American market, and therefore in the global wine industry: «Quality as our only objective», is the premise that the group decided in 2009, and it remains as our main goal.