For its 7th edition, the ‘Jornada Diam’ proposed a debate on the possible classification of the wines of the region with professionals from the Rioja sector. Advantages, risks, implementation conditions, examples of other wine regions in the world: all aspects of the issues that concern winemakers today were dissected under the microscope.

Rioja is by far the most famous Spanish region in the world. To clarify the proposition; some would not be against a classification; but which one? Based on the soil as in Burgundy? On the reputation of the property as in Médoc? On the quality of the wine?

Diam, a partner of fine wines throughout the world, and as such a privileged observer, opened the debate. Between advocates of the Status Quo (the current classification is based on the number of years in barrels), and those who want a true hierarchy, the debate was lively and animated.

The tasting session that followed the round table was used to present and assess 6 crus from different French regions (Alsace, Burgundy, Pessac-Léognan, Médoc, Provence…), an opportunity to explain the classification system… and to observe the closure (Diam 30, Diam 10 or Diam 5, depending on the case).

Discover the different speakers and the sequence of events here.