Eduardo Hernáiz, managing director and owner of the  Finca La Emperatriz estate and winery, has announced a plan to invest €1.5m over the next three years. The main aim of the investment is to increase the winery’s capacity to produce high quality wines by extending the current installations and adding a new cellar to hold concrete tanks and smaller wooden vats to be able to vinify small plots separately. At the same time, a part of the money will be used to make new plantings in the vineyard. By taking cuttings from the existing old vines, the personality of «La Emperatriz» will be maintained.


Brothers Eduardo and Víctor Hernáiz are now in charge of a project started by their family in 1996, when they bought an historical piece of vineyard in Baños de Rioja which had once belonged to Eugenia de Montijo who, as wife to Napoleon III, was empress of France. Up until now, efforts have centred on the Finca La Emperatriz project, which has gradually built a strong reputation with critics and public alike after some 20 years in operation. In the future, the family is considering the development of other wines as they own other plots of vineyard which have not been part of the project up until this point.

Distribution company in Barcelona and new international partners

At the same time, the Hernáiz brothers have been building a distribution network which will ensure the future sales of their current and new wines.

In the Spanish market Víctor Hernáiz has worked to position Finca La Emperatriz in the on-trade, building a solid network of distributors and growing sales by 30% in 2014.

One of the key elements has been the opening of a new wholesale company in Barcelona, called Cercle de Vins. After a year on the market this new venture has started to make inroads into the market and will be, without doubt, a key element to ensure a good presence for the brand in this increasingly vital and visible market.

Internationally the Hernáiz brothers signed two exciting deals with up-and-coming importers in two crucial markets, the USA (Vias ) and the United Kingdom (North South Wines). Both companies have national distribution and a very experienced sales force which will be the key drivers for our growth in 2015, as exports already accounted for 50% of sales in 2014.

Finca La Emperatriz

Winery founded in 1996 by the Hernáiz family, on the purchase of an historical vineyard in Rioja, which had once belonged to Eugenia de Montijo who, as wife to Napoleon III, was empress of France. It is an estate comprising 101 Ha. which is further sub-divided into plots according to variety, age of vines and the characteristics of the soil in order to produce wines which fully express the character of the terroir. Finca la Emperatriz makes a complete and carefully defined range of wines, all from the same vineyard.