The Control Board of the D.O. Calificada Rioja have a social networking portal, called ‘Social Media Room’. ‘Speaking of Rioja 3.0’ is part of the communication strategy which is currently being implemented by the Control Board which has as one of its priorities to strengthen  the presence of Rioja wine in the area of online communication in general, both nationally and internationally during the next few years.


The first stage of the project took place in 2010 with the creation of Rioja accounts in Facebook and Twitter for the countries where the Control Board has promotion campaigns (Spain, United States, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland and China). These official Rioja profiles are kept by the agencies that manage the campaigns in these countries and they have significantly increased the visibility and mentions of Rioja wine in social media.

The new portal ‘Social Media Room’ (, which has been termed ‘Speaking of Rioja 3.0’, aims to highlight the important presence of Rioja in social media, channelling it through a space shared with consumers, professionals and opinion leaders. The portal offers different tools that easily allow stakeholders to collaboratively share all mentions, post, blogs, videos, etc. in one place. In the near future, there will be international Rioja profiles created on Facebook and Twitter.