More than 400 guests, from 35 different countries, are expected at the “Living Wine” Symposium, including over 100 Masters of Wine, Master of Wine students, influencers, as well as national and international press.

This Summer, Spain will become the key meeting point in the world of wine with the 9thInstitute of Masters of Wine Symposium to be held in Logroño, the capital of Rioja, from June 14 to June 17: the most important wine event in Spain and the main event in the world of wine this year, which will bring together the most recognized experts at national and international level.

Hosted by the Institute of Masters of Wine, the Symposium is held every four years, and has taken place in 8 different cities since 1982 (Oxford in1982, Cambridge in1990, Bristol in1992, Perth in1997, Vienna in2002, Napa in2006, Bordeauxin2010 and Florence in 2014), this being the first time it takes place in Spain.

“Living Wine”, the 9th Institute of Masters of Wine Symposium, is an unparalleled opportunity to network, taste and learn from a rich variety of international speakers, gathering more than 400 attendees from 35 different countries: Masters of Wine, Master of Wine students, influencers, as well as national and international press

Among them, over 100 Masters of Wine (MW), the greatest experts in the world of wine, who, byway of rigorous examination by the Institute of Masters of Winehave demonstrated a thorough knowledge of all aspects of wine and an ability to communicate them clearly.

Andreas Kubach MW, Fernando MoraMW and Norrel Robertson MW, all three residents in Spain, will take part in the opening tasting of the Symposium, “Masters of winemaking”, a walk around tasting with an extraordinary rare showcase of wines made by Masters of Wine from around the globe. Pedro Ballesteros MW will moderate the tasting and panel discussion “Inspirational Spain”, to prove the claim that Spain is finally at the top of the world’s quality pyramid and where some of the most inimitable Spanish wines will be tasted.

“Living Wine”, the 9th Institute of Masters of Wine Symposium

The 9thInstitute of Masters of Wine Symposiumto be held at the Rioja Forum from June 14 to June 17 will be a key meeting point in the world of wine, aimed to examine it from numerous and new angles, to get everyone talking about their relationship with wine and how people regard it in their lives.

The topics of today and of tomorrow will be tackled. Whether the wine world is winning numerous challenges -climate change, fraud and fake bottles, an expanding wine offer and a reduced wine market.

More than 400 attendees are expected, including over 100 Masters of Wine. A number of them willalso take part in the “Masters of winemaking” tasting, assembling to pour their wines and talk about the philosophy and principles behind them

The institute of Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine is the professional institution with the highest recognition in the world of wine. It began with an exam held for the first time in 1953 for the trade, known as the Master of Wine examination. For sixty years the Institute of Masters of Wine has been promoting professional excellence and knowledge of the art, science and business of wine.

The Institute’s membership now spans 28 countries in 3 continents while its study, examination and events programmes are conducted annually on a worldwide basis.

A Master of Wine (MW) is someone who has demonstrated, by way of rigorous examination, a thorough knowledge of all aspects of wine and an ability to communicate clearly. A Master of Wine will actively encourage others in the pursuit of knowledge as well as seek to bring wine communities together. Becoming a Master of Wine means entry into the world’s best wine community.

There are currently 370 Masters of Wine, living in 28 different countries across five continents. Oenologists, wine buyers, journalists, producers, wine managers and teachers are amongst them.

Only 4 Masters of Wine are based in Spain: Andreas Kubach, Fernando Mora, Norrel Robertson and David Forer. Pedro Ballesteros MW, Spanish-born, is based in Belgium

To become a Master of Wine, you need to have passed the Stage 1 Assessment, the Theory and Practical components of the MW Examination and a Research Paper and have signed up to -and abided by-the Institute’s Code of Conduct. The theory exams cover all aspects in the science and art of wine, from viticulture through enology and quality management, to business, commerce and the contemporary and legal aspects of the world of wine. The practical exams consist of three blind tasting of 12 wines and the evaluation not only of their origin and variety, but also of their preparation, quality and commercial potential. The practical component of the MW is considered the most difficult tasting event in the world. It requires not only a deep knowledge of all the wines of the world, but also a great tasting experience and ability to concentrate under pressure.

Unlike winemakers, who cover winemaking, or sommeliers, specialized in the service of wine, a Master of Wine covers all fields of expertise in the world of wine from viticulture, through the production, processing, distribution, management and marketing of the product.

Less than 10% of the candidates accepted to the Institute’s study program pass the exam and become Masters of Wine.

Spain, world showcase of wine

With the 9th Institute of Masters of Wine Symposium, La Rioja becomes a great international showcase of wine before more than 400 experts in the sector, showing the world the diversity and quality of Spanish wines.

A unique opportunity to promote the image of Spanish wines, wineries and regions, reinforcing the Spain’s positioning in the world of wine. With close to 1 million hectares, Spain is at the head of the world’s cultivated areas, with more than 150 grape varieties in production in 90 appellations of origin and 41 geographical indications, with an unparalleled offer of wine.

Great visibility will be given to Spanish wines throughout the Symposium with different tastings: 15 wineries from different regions of our country will be presented in the Welcome Dinner on June 14 at Logroño’s bullring, representing the entire Spanish wine offer; and more than 20 Rioja wineries will welcome attendees to the symposium in different dinners on the 15th, making their wines known firsthand. Finally, at the Gala Dinner on the 16th, organized by the Spanish Foundation for Wine Culture, which will take place at Bodegas Marqués de Riscal, wines from the 10 most mythical wineries in Spain will be tasted.