Rioja approved an expense budget of EUR 14.9 million for the year 2015, which represents an increase of 5,3% over that of 2014. The most significant aspects include the containment of structure costs and the new increase in promotional spend, which is close to 10 million euros, more than two-thirds of the total budget of the Control Board. With this decision of the Plenary consolidates the strategy used in recent years to improve the positioning of Rioja wines in major markets, boosting spend in promoting the collective brand Rioja. These investments are funded jointly by the producing and marketing sectors, with an additional contribution of European funds (CMO) since 2009 amounting to 2,2 million euros a year.


Since the start of 2015, Rioja has conducted many activities in different markets. The 4th Grand Tasting of Rioja Wines held in Shanghai and Chengdu confirmed the growing interest of Chinese wine trade professionals in the wines from this wine region. This backs the positive forecasts arising from the exponential growth of exports to this country during the past five years. Also, D.O.Ca. Rioja China Agency wins ‘Best organization in imported wine promotion’ award from Sugar, Tobacco and Spirits Weekly magazine

The D.O.Ca. Rioja organised a number of food-paired promotional activities in Chicago during the first week in May. The leading event was the Rioja & Tapas Festival which targets both professionals and consumers.

The D.O.Ca. Rioja Control Board is very pleased with its first participation in the Prowein fair in Germany. Rioja sought to provide a comprehensive picture of the wine region whilst achieving maximum visibility. The Control Board president Luis Alberto Lecea highlighted «the strong brand image and confidence that Rioja projects among German market professionals, as well as the wisdom of attending the fair to support and complement the work of the more than one hundred participating Rioja wineries. Educating and training these professionals is essential to increasing the value of Rioja in the export markets —a priority goal for our wine region.»

The paradisical beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, were the setting for a pairing between the culinary creations of two Spanish star chefs —Juan Mari Arzak and Joan Roca— and Rioja Wines, held in celebration of last year’s successful sales figures in Mexico, with close to 30% growth.