Bodegas Franco-Españolas launches a new wine. Fragrant and juicy, fresh and balanced, long finish on the palate. RB Rioja Bordon Selection borns from the concern to increase the range of wines applying modern’s characteristics. Is a rich and modern wine that surprises by its color and expressivity. Also, its labels in the bottles change and make the RB Rioja Bordon a perfect combination of history and modernity.

RB Rioja Bordon targets the audience of today, looking for quality and something more: the differentiation that is given by a long and rich experience. It is a projection towards what is coming strongly: a segment of great wines, elegant and enveloping, with a bit of kindness and energy, endowed with life, marked with the contemporary flair. That is, RB Rioja Bordon Choice, the definition of a new concept of wine.