Vinícola Riojana de Alcanadre presents Aradon Garnacha 2012, a painstaking evolution of the single-varietal Aradon Garnacha 2010. This 100% Garnacha wine is made with the aim of offering a top quality wine that expresses the full potential of Garnacha, a classic grape variety that is iconic in the land whence it comes.

Its name comes from the ancient location of Aradon in Alcanadre, of great historical significance, where Roman architecture is still very present. Its history inspired the creation of the new label, a design based on the Roman aqueduct of Puente Moros, which dates back to the 1st century, and the Roman road which runs along the Ebro as part of the St James Way.

The winery selected its best and oldest Garnacha vines. They are all over 50 years old, grown on slopes at an altitude of more than 500 m on stony soils with little organic matter, resulting in low yields per vine. This allows for slow ripening and great balance in the berries. Painstaking supervision of these vineyards throughout the growing cycle helped to accurately determine the date for the manual grape harvest. The grapes were carefully vinified, with gentle pump overs to bring out the elegant, silky tannins present in the wine. Ageing for 8 months in new French oak barrels rounds off the wine’s character and empowers its personality.

The result is Aradon Garnacha 2012, a bright, clean, cherry-red wine. Its floral, fruity profile is manifest to the nose, making it a fresh, fragrant wine with notes of strawberries and hints of citrus fruits to accompany a background of underbrush and herbal scents. Spices and light oak fragrances interminglewith the fruit and wrap themselves in a mineral touch. Creamy, complex and fun in the mouth, with flavoursome tannins to make it lively.

Technology and tradition to ensure the highest quality

The winery, which was founded and established in 1957, brings together experience, enthusiasm and passion for making quality wines, always working on the vineyard and looking at the soil as its main asset. Its philosophy is based on applying technology to the traditional way of growing vines and making wine in order to draw out as much as possible the unique character of the vineyards, which are harmoniously related to soils and the climate of the area, supported and guided by the ancient wisdom of their growers. All this, allows the Aradon wines to express that unique personality, stemming from the land where its people live and work.