The 2004 harvest  is a reedition of this wine launched in 2008 in commemoration of Bodegas de los Herederos del Marqués de Riscal 150 anniversary. This wine is elaborated in their new renovated 1883 winey. For its elaboration Riscal use wooden buts and the last generation of sorting tables where bunches and grapes are previously chilled.


For its elaboration, the bodega’s technical team carefully selected the best grapes of the 2004 harvest, ranked as excellent vintage by Rioja. Marqués de Riscal 150 Aniversario 2004 has been made to comply with the quality standards of a Gran Reserva. It has a very Rioja Alavesa style; it’s vigorous and vibrant, always more powerful than the rest of the classic rioja wines, without concession to fashion and trends and keeping its elegance. Marqués de Riscal 150 Aniversario has been made to comply with the quality standards of a Gran Reserva. For this, Riscal uses grapes from their stated vineyard from vines over 30 years’ old, sourced from estate vineyards and the harvests bought in from growers in the Rioja Alavesa district with whom they have longstanding relations, which in some cases go back several generations. After the grapes have been through the sorting tables so as to remove any grapes which are not totally healthy and ripe, alcoholic fermentation takes place, at a controlled temperature of no more than 26ºC with the total time in the vat amounting to 14 days. Once the blend has been determined for this special type of wine, it was put into oak casks and aged for 36 months, followed by a further 3 years’rounding off in the bottle, thereby completing the process of maturation and polishing of the tannins so as to obtain a rounded, balanced wine which is at the same time powerful and easy for the consumer to drink.