An international wine contest held yearly with the official recognition of the Spanish ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The prizes awarded in a blind tasting are: Grand Ecovino Gold Award, Ecovino Gold Award and Ecovino Silver Award.

Participation in the contest is open to wine from all over the world which have been made from organically grown grapes and produced in accordance with the European regulations for ecological agriculture or the equivalent legislation in non EU countries and certified by the authorities and control bodies recognised by the aforesaid regulations. Wines which are in the transition phase to be declared organic will not be admitted to the competition, they must have the definitive accreditation. The wines must be commercial products present in normal channels of sales and consumption, bottled before the technical tasting. The tasting sessions will be organised with the samples which have previously been classified by category, which are as follows: 1: WHITES. 1.1: Non fermented and unoaked. 1.2: Fermented and or oak-aged. 1.3: With sugar content above 5 g/l. 2: ROSÉS. 3: REDS WITHOUT CONTACT WITH WOOD. 4: REDS WITH (ANY) CONTACT WITH WOOD. 5: SPARKLING. 

Entry deadline: 17 March 2016

The samples must be submitted before 12.00 on 17 March at the Bodega Institucional La Grajera. Avda. de Burgos, km 6; 26071 Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. The registration fee is 50€ for each of the first three wines entered (free for the fourth and following samples) and the list of winners will be published on April 28.

Located in La Rioja, one of the most famous wine regions, the awards offer consumers, importers and wine-growers relevant support with decision-making when buying wine. Since 2010, this international competition is promoting quality and the marketing of the wines entered, and has become one of the largest organic tastings in Southern Europe.

Ecovino 2016 Registration form