Tempranillo meets Maturana.

A very special wine elaborated following a very careful selection of grapes of three varieties, Tempranillo 70% graciano 20% and maturana Tinta 10%.

ANALYTICAL INFORMATION: 13,0% alcohol; 56 mg/l total sulfur; 68 index of total polyphenols.

ELABORATION: After a cold and intense prefermentacion maceration during 48 hours the must is fermented at a controlled temperature of 25 ºC for approximately 10 days. The wine is aged for 6 months in 1 and 2 year old american oak barrels.

DESCRIPTION: of maroon colour, with aromas of mature fruit and hints of a toasted flavour from the oak. In the mouth it is flavourful, with tannins, mature fruit and very spicy.

STORING: It can be kept for four or five years after harvesting.

FOOS PAIRINGS: Grilled meat (especially lamb) and red peppers or potatoes cooked with chorizo, known hereabouts as «potatoes in the Rioja style».


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