The Wine Advocate,  the influential periodical founded by the famous Robert Parker recently tasted wines from over 600 Rioja producers, picking out just twenty to highlight as top producers. Finca La Emperatriz was one of five named as ‘Young Guns’, who are going to be vying for top awards in the near future.


No doubt that one of the reasons for picking up on Finca la Emperatriz is that, despite the fact that several different journalists have tasted the Spanish wines over the last three or four years, the ratings of Finca la Emperatriz have been consistently high.

In the latest edition, Luis Gutiérrez, the current critic in charge of the Spanish ratings, has given 90 points or more to the wines made by Eduardo and Víctor Hernáiz at Finca La Emperatriz: from the 88-90 awarded to a tank sample of the 2014 Viura to the 93 awarded to both Finca La Emperatriz Reserva 2010 y Finca La Emperatriz Terruño 2010, as he signed off the article noting: “Another strong collection of wines from Finca la Emperatriz. A name on its way up.”

The brothers are particularly pleased with the excellent ratings given to the wines with the largest volumes. The non-oaked white Finca La Emperatriz Viura 2014 achieved an excellent 88-90, as it was a tank sample, while both reds from the ‘Classic’ range were over ninety: Finca La Emperatriz Crianza 2011, hit 91 points; with a production of 172,800 bottles, while Finca La Emperatriz Reserva 2010, with some 50,700 bottles produced, was granted an impressive 93.

Eduardo Hernáiz, owner of Finca La Emperatriz said, “Of course, we are proud of all of our wines, but particularly with the wines in this range which demostrate that quality is not always the opposite of a certain quantity. This is due recognition for all the solid, consistent hard work that our team at Finca la Emperatriz has put in over the last few years.”

Finca La Emperatriz is a winery founded by the Hernáiz family on purchasing this historic single estate in 1996. Now managed by brothers Eduardo and Victor, the vineyard once belonged to Eugenia de Montijo, who was once Empress of France. This single piece of land has been carefully studied to break it down into several small plots, based on differences in microclimate, planting schemes and soil, in order to match each type of grape properly and give full expression to the terroir. Finca la Emperatriz currently produces a range of seven precisely crafted wines.