The range of wines produced by Finca La Emperatriz is structured according to the wealth of nuances resulting from the division of the estate. Firstly, the winery produces wines with grapes from different plots, where complexity is sought through the coupage of several batches of grapes in order to make round, balanced and tasty wines. In addition, wine made from grapes from a single plot, which extracts the specific personality of the terroir from which it comes.


The plot of Garnacha is number 5, one of the stoniest of the whole vineyard. Impressive terroir with a layer of large white pebbles to a depth of about 40cm, covering a loose, sandy sub-soil. This is an ideal soil to grow vines as it has excellent drainage, plenty of light and the roots are well placed to receive all the nutrients they require. The wines produced from this type of soil are fine and elegant.

After harvesting, the grapes were stored in a refrigerated container overnight, followed by a cold maceration. There then followed a cold soak at 5oC for one week. Afterwards, the wine was fermented in 500 litre barrels (standing on end), with a daily punching down of the cap. Malolactic fermentation also took place in the barrels and the wine was aged in its fine lees. Aged in new and second-year Frencha oak for 11 months

Colour of strawberry jam of medium density with a hint of violet at the edges . It is a remarkably perfumed wine, with a subtle complexity: violets, white pepper and wild strawberries. A wine which is longer than it is broad with a tremendous aftertaste and persistant finish. A wine which has moved away from the Mediterranean and gets us closer to the Atlantic.