D.O.Ca Rioja has joined the Culinary Interaction initiative, a communication and collaboration platform created by the Basque Culinary Center to promote the interdisciplinary facet of gastronomy. The project’s website, culinaryinteraction.com, has started to collect stories, testimonials and success cases where gastronomy is linked to science, culture, agriculture, medicine, and social development. These are approached from multiple viewpoints, as part of a phenomenon of global reach, to offer a different perspective.


Culinary Interaction seeks to connect those who gastronomy in enriching exchanges in various fields of knowledge. It also serves as a knowledge bank, documenting this comprehensive, humanistic phenomenon through testimonies collected across the world. It therefore invites the culinary community to exchange information and share stories about what is happening in the world thanks to a multidisciplinary approach to gastronomy.

Anyone who knows of a curious, courageous and daring project where gastronomy (understood from a culinary and wine world perspective) relates to other disciplines is invited to share it on the website at culinaryinteraction.com/en/participate/. The project’s promoters aim to use these contributions to keep astride of interactions between gastronomy and other realities, the results of these interactions and their multiplier effect.