The Control Board has selected the wines to be used in its institutional events over the next twelve months. The wines were selected from among 168 samples submitted by wineries to the competition, which is called every year for this purpose. The wines were chosen through a blind tasting by the Control Board Tasting Committee. This implies major recognition for the winners, who will be representing the Designation of Origin over the coming year.


The seven wines chosen are a representative sample of the different types and categories that currently make up the range of wines covered by the D.O.Ca. Rioja. They are dressed with labels designed especially by the Control Board for each category The final result of the selection in each of the categories was as follows:

YOUNG WHITE, 2015 VINTAGE:  Vinícola Riojana de Alcanadre, S. Coop., Alcanadre, La Rioja.

BARREL-FERMENTED WHITE, 2015 VINTAGE:  Bodegas del Medievo, S.L., Aldeanueva de Ebro, La Rioja.

YOUNG ROSÉ, 2015 VINTAGE: Bodegas y Viñedos Ilurce S.A.T., Alfaro, La Rioja.

YOUNG RED, 2015 VINTAGE: Bodegas Olmaza, C.B., San Vicente de la Sonsierra, La Rioja.

CRIANZA RED, 2013 VINTAGE: Bodegas Ramírez, S.L., San Vicente de la Sonsierra, La Rioja.

RESERVA RED, 2012 VINTAGE: Bodegas Tobía, S.L., Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, La Rioja.

GRAN RESERVA RED, 2010 VINTAGE: El Coto de Rioja S.A., Oyón, Álava.