Campo Viejo and its commitment to the environment have resulted in an innovative wine that respects the surrounding natural environment. Campo Viejo Ecológico is the result of the work that the brand has been undertaking since the creation of its new winery in 2001.


The label of the new release is inspired by the more than 50 species of butterflies that inhabit the estate surrounding the winery, which serve as environmental bioindicators. The butterflies are the image of this new wine, a young red Rioja with a colourful, expressive, highly aromatic character and floral notes.

Campo Viejo inaugurates its experimental winery

Campo Viejo had a project in the back burner since the construction of its new facilities in 2001: to adapt a space to meet the present and future needs of its R&D projects in Viticulture and Oenology. The Experimental Winery finally saw the light last September during the 2013 grape harvest. Campo Viejo is researching aspects around wine to try and improve in various areas, including winemaking processes, the creation of products, analysing the performance of new grape varieties and aiming to have vineyard treatments with a lesser environmental impact.