The wine architectural project began in 1973 in the heart of Rioja has had an outstanding recognition in 2015 by the World Association of Journalists Wine.  Bodegas Olarra is placed as one of the top 20 wineries in the world. Since its construction was a milestone in the way of understanding architecture in the wine sector. 


Bodegas Olarra is located on the outskirts of Logroño, in the heart of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Originand within the highly regarded sub-area of Rioja Alta.

Since its establishment in 1973, Olarra has been noted for the beauty and complexity of its unique premises thanks to its Y-shaped ground plan and its 111 hexagonal domes. Bodegas Olarra is commonly known as the Cathedral of Rioja.

This winery tastefully merges cutting edge wine-related technologies with the traditional winemaking methods of La Rioja, and as a result, it creates wines with the strictest parameters of quality.

At Olarra, it is strong believer of the theory that what makes a great wine is taking perfect care of the grapes and using a thorough attention-to-detail approach. In the making of its wines, Bodegas Olarra only uses grapes that meet a series of strict conditions.

Olarra, currently, has several brands in the market, and behind each of these, we can find a wine with its own identity. Its top wines are reds aged in oak barrels.

In essence, Bodegas Olarra makes a wide range of wines whose quality has been acknowledged in the most important events worldwide.