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This 2015 Rioja harvest will be remembered because of its earliness; started in early September and it was finished a few days before October the 12th. 2015 harvest has given us high quality grapes where vineyards from coldest areas and with lower yieldings stood out. It can be stated that both sanitary and vegetative states have been excellent due to a very favourable climatic conditions during ripeness period with lack of plagues and diseases. The vineyards from coldest áreas and controlled vigour have given grapes with a perfect ripeness, with sugar levels higher than average years, soft and silky tannins along with small sized grapes, very convenient for producing quality wines.

The Plenary of the Control Board of the D.O. Ca. Rioja has approved the new budget for the coming year 2018, setting a figure of 16,581,798 euros. The aim is to keep up the level of investment of the winemaking sector of the appellation both in the area of promotion, which receives over 65.5% of the complete budget, and in improvements in the quality control processes. In this way continuity is assured in the commitment assumed by the different associations in the sector to maintain the ambitious level of investment achieved in the two previous years.

The D.O.Ca. Rioja Control Board announced that registration is open for the 2018 Rioja Wine Educators Programme.

Vivanco Reserva 2011 wins the Great Gold Tempranillo in the Tempranillos del Mundo Competition 2017

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